Turn your demurrage data into insights and savings

Leverage Voyager’s automated SOF Processing and Laytime

Calculator to save time and money.

Capture events from SOFs by using Voyager’s automatic SOF Processor. Get unprecedented insights from port operations.

Use the timestamps captured from SOFs on Voyager’s Laytime Calculator to seamlessly connect the events and get your final demurrage estimates.

Use the insights and time saved from processing these documents to better negotiate demurrage claims and improve contracting.

The difference to your business

Act Faster

Reduce SOF processing time by 80% whilst streamlining your claim calculations and management.

Smarter Contracting

Utilize voyagers data to improve your contract terms and negotiate more intelligently.

Reduce Demurrage Risk

Real-time dashboards with insights from port operations will help you drive more efficiency: Best performing terminals, causes of delays, seasonalities, and much more.

SOF Processor

Demurrage Calculator

Demurrage Claims

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The SoF processor can save you up to 80% on the time spent per document. Voyager also checks for accuracy, decreasing the risk of manual data entry.

I already have a laytime calculator. Can I get only the SOF processor?

Yes, you can sign up only for the SOF processor and integrate with your current system. Schedule a time with our sales team to learn more.

How many users can I have in my Voyager subscription?

Your organization can have unlimited users, including your internal and external stakeholders, such as carriers, brokers, agents, surveyors, etc.

What is included in the Trial period?

You’ll have access to the full demurrage module on a Proof of Concept (POC) type of contract. You have the option to opt out at any time.

Turn your SOFs into insights

Capture all events from SOFs and gain unprecedented insights from your port calls. More data. Better contracting. Better management.

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